UT Austin acceptance rate for international students

The University of Texas at Austin has long been considered one of the most prestigious universities of the South, with top- ranked business and engineering programs that have strong links to Texas’s world- famed energy assiduity. With a beautiful red- encamped lot set smack dab in the middle of a megacity that teems with excitement, UT Austin has commodity to offer any top pupil seeking warm rainfall and occasion.  In this blog we are going to say about UT Austin acceptance rate for international students here. 

Occupiers of Austin flatter themselves for their megacity quirks. It extends to the university, at least to some degree stinky live music venues, and student groups draw heavily. But UT also has a side that caters to young business scholars and masterminds set on ambitious career tracks. And that’s not really the tip of the iceberg, as UT Austin has no fewer than twelve undergraduate sororities specializing in everything from armatures to geosciences, education, and social work.

UT Austin acceptance rate for international students is lower than 10. 

State law requires that the University of Texas at Austin must reserve 90 of its seats for Texas residents. In practice, about 90 aspiring pools are Texans anyway. Every time, about 8 of the aspirants come from other countries and 2 from abroad.

Historically, the profiles of admitted students based on rank and test scores for Texans and non-Texans have been fairly similar, with each group admitting at a rate of 40. The OOS admission rate as of Fall 2020 is approximately 8. My recommendation won’t change because UT-Austin is going to test-voluntarily, which I’m bandying here. However, you still need to have a maximum or all A’s in the Honors AP track to be competitive, especially for high-demand majors, if you choose not to submit the ACT/SAT.

I used to suggest that the aspiring pool for Texans and OOS was similar based on the aspiring and admitted student statistics, but I’ve since corrected that.

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UT Austin acceptance rate for international students

For those curious to learn more, here’s the UT Austin class of 2024 by the numbers:

Acceptance Statistics: Class of 2024

Applications Admitted Enrolled Acceptance Rate
57,241 18,290 8,459 32%

SAT/ACT scores

Admitted – SAT Middle 50% 1230 – 1480
Admitted – ACT Middle 50% 26 – 34


Female 59.6%
Male 40.4%

Residency of Students

Texas Residents 91.9%
Non-Texas U.S 6.4%
International 1.6%

What do you need to apply to UT Austin? 

To apply to UT Austin, you must use either the Apply Texas or Coalition Application platforms. This is where you will enter all your academic information, including credits and repetitions. You’ll also need to write a long specific essay and several short essays, which means a considerable investment of time and energy is required to get the operation right.

It’s worth noting that UT Austin has a priority operation deadline of November 1, which works the same as an early action program at other universities. However, if you submit your operation within this deadline, you will receive your admission decision by February 1 of the following period. However, on December 1, you will also receive your decision by March 1, if you submit by the regular deadline.

Then the full list of what you’ll need in order to apply to the University of Texas at Austin: 

  • Fill out the Coalition Application in its entirety or apply the Texas Application
  • A special essay of 500-700 words about your story
  • Four short essays of 250-300 words each covering your intended major, your leadership, your influence trends, and your high school academic performance.
  • A completed student information form
  • Your approved high academy paraphrase and your class rank (if your academy does not give class rank, they must provide a statement on their policy)
  • Your high school profile and GPA or grade distribution report
  • English language test (if you are a non-native speaker and have not studied in English)
  • $75 operating figure for domestic scholars and $90 figure for transnational scholars
  • Up to two letters of recommendation from any adult who knows you well and is not a family member is optional
  • Optionally an expanded capsule with new information about your achievement, conditioning, leadership, or employment indication
  • Voluntary approved standardized test scores for 2022-2023, which will be considered but not required
  • If you’re applying to an undergraduate honors program or certain majors—especially those that specialize—you may have new requirements. Be sure to check the runner properly for the specific program you are applying to.
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 For the full detail on what UT Austin requires, and links to individual program conditions, see the university’s functionary runner delineating their operation roster.

Out of State Admissions

By law, no more than 10% of students at UT Austin can come from outside Texas. This makes the admissions process for out of state students more competitive.

Scholars outside of Texas are placed in a separate admissions pool, meaning they are compared directly and debated only against each other. Overall, the grades and test scores of Texas out-of-state scholars are similar to those in-state, but due to the limited number of spots admitted, in-state scholars are, on average, slightly more emotional than their in-state peers. Texas.

This dynamic is communicated by the makeup of the honors program at UT Austin. Because admission to these programs is limited or not limited by occupancy, scholars in these programs have a disproportionate opportunity from outside Texas.

Increasing Your UT Admissions Odds

Still, there are several strategies you can employ, depending on where you are in your academic career, if you want to increase your chances of being accepted to UT Austin. However, working as hard as possible to be in the top percentile of your class by rank is the single most foolproof way to ensure acceptance to UT Austin, if you’re just starting a higher academy. Since class rank is the only factor UT Austin looks at when making guaranteed admission decisions, it’s the only thing you need to worry about.

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Of course, some higher seminaries are more competitive than others, and most sororities look out for more than just your class rank. However, if you want to be competitive in seminary besides UT Austin, you should develop your mental conditioning, study for standardized tests. It is good that we do not assume the importance of high academic scholars!

However, your class rank may be stronger, if you are an upperclassman. That doesn’t mean it’s rigid, just that you have a better idea of ​​whether guaranteed admission is a reasonable path for you for your down period.

Still, you can certainly try to overcome your coursework, and increase your rank before your senior year, if your class rank isn’t where you want it to be. You can also focus on working on other corridors of your academic and specific profile that Sodium keeps track of what are your heartstrings and how you explore them, your performance on standardized tests and how you contribute to your community.

Still, and now you don’t meet the bar for automatic admission, also pay careful attention to your essays, if you’re applying to UT Austin. UT Austin requires the Definitive Statement and three supplemental essays, and these are a major component of how you will be evaluated.

Still, you’re not alone, if all this sounds a little inviting. Many scholars are frustrated by the prospect of applying to the Council. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Record a free discussion with us to band your enterprises, and learn how we can help you make your council dreams come true.

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